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About our Libraries


Monetary Gifts
The ABBE Regional Library System gratefully welcomes your tax-deductible monetary gifts made directly to an individual library or to the regional library system.

Donors may choose to designate monetary gifts as memorials or tributes to honor a friend or relative. The gift giver may also suggest specific furniture, equipment, or titles of collection materials to be purchased with their donation. The library, however, reserves the right of final selection.

When appropriate, the library will create book plates or other designations of recognition to satisfy a donor's request.

If you are interested in making a gift and have additional questions please speak to a Library Manager or the Regional Director.

Gifts of Books and Other Collection Materials
ABBE accepts donations of used books and other collection materials provided they enhance the library system's collection. We will not accept materials which are not outright gifts, and reserve the right to assign any materials wherever the need is greatest. Because of wear, theft and mutilation the permanence of gifts is not guaranteed.

Gifts of books and collection materials must be in usable condition. Because of limitations of space, money and staff the Library reserves the right to accept or discard any materials given to the library. The Library will make every effort to dispose of gift materials it cannot use to the best advantage, such as through Friends of the Library book sales or recycling.


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